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Edge Effect is deeply grateful for the support of our friends, partners, donors, supporters, interns and staff during 2022. We wish you all love and joy during this festive season. Have a safe and happy holiday. sogiesc photo

A LGBTIQ+ lens is needed for all humanitarian and development work, not only areas such sexual health and protection. Good to see @USAID expanding the envelope, hoping more donors will communicate raised expectations for their implementing partners + fund projects accordingly.
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USAID Education @USAIDEducation
October is #LGBTQI+ History Month! During the month, @USAID is commemorating the history and achievements of LGBTQI+ people. Learn more about integrating LGBTQI+ considerations into education programming here:

Localisation in the humanitarian sector, ironically, often seems to be a conversation between global north organisations. What could it be instead?

There is a growing intersex rights movement. Humanitarian + development orgs need to get to know the I in LGBTIQ+. Read the Darlington Statement, register for @intersexaus webinar on 26 Oct, + support orgs like @IntersexAsia + IHRA on #GiveOutDay
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#DRR day is a great day to read @unwomenasia + @sogiesc's The Only Way Is Up on addressing diverse SOGIESC (LGBTIQ+) exclusion in disasters and crises. And for committing your organisation to benchmark its current level of inclusion using our new tool! sogiesc photo

#DayOfTheGirl for all girls. Include lesbian, bisexual, intersex, trans + queer girls in technology-driven futures, in SRHR education that supports their choices + safety, in online spaces free of violence and stigma, and in a world in which they can be themselves.
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UN Special Procedures @UN_SPExperts
Girls who do not conform to gender stereotypes – incl. lesbian, bisexual & trans girls – are particularly vulnerable to violence and discrimination, @victor_madrigal says. Ahead of the #DayOfTheGirl the expert calls for inclusive & comprehensive sexuality education. #EndViolence

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